What about cholesterol

What about cholesterol

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In our lecture about dieting I encourage you to eat a higher quality of fat even from animal sources   like meat and eggs.   If you’ve been influenced by the research and headlines of the baby boomer generation you might have   felt a little red flag go up in your head as you asked.   But wait what about cholesterol.   Well I’m glad you asked.   But first I want to brace you for a difficult fact to stomach.

Just about everything you know or think you know about cholesterol is probably wrong.   That’s right.   I’m going to go out and just say it.   Cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease.   In fact it isn’t even a good predictor of heart disease.   It’s a symptom of something much bigger inflammation and dietary imbalance.   Don’t believe me.   Well I’m happy to link you to a major study done at Harvard which found that people with high levels   of a marker called C-reactive protein or CERP had higher risks of heart disease than people with high   cholesterol.

They even found that if a person has normal cholesterol but high levels of CERP they still were at risk   for heart disease and most importantly for all of you to understand is this cholesterol isn’t something   to be avoided is something to be managed.   You probably know that there is so-called good cholesterol or high density lipoprotein and bad cholesterol   low density lipoprotein you might even know that one is used to clean the blood vessels and the other   is responsible for clogging them up.

However what you might not know is that this relationship has been dramatically oversimplified and is   often flat out mis represented by both pharmaceutical companies and the media and that more and more   research is showing that it’s not the amount of cholesterol but it’s particle size ratio and quality   that actually influence your health.   I don’t want to waste her time with that whole can of worms so if you’re curious I’ve provided a long   and thoroughly researched article on the actual causes of heart disease as well as why we’ve all been   led to believe otherwise for so many years.   So why does all of this matter in the context of a testosterone optimization course.

Why have I told you to eat a diet higher in fats and cholesterol than you’ve always been told to eat   because cholesterol is exactly what testosterone and many other hormones is made of.   Without it your body simply can’t produce enough of the hormones it needs to survive and thrive.   Simply put.   Cholesterol is one of the basic building blocks not only of your body’s hormones but also of the mile   and sheaths that coat every nerve in your entire body.   In a word cholesterol is actually a good thing and you most certainly should not be avoiding it.

This doesn’t mean eating tons of trans fats and junk though it means eating eggs fatty fish and other   healthy sources of cholesterol.   At the peak of my testosterone I was eating up to    eggs a week though making sure to eat the special   Omega   variety to curb off any potential inflammation caused by Omega   imbalance.   And while my total cholesterol did edged just slightly above the recommended levels my fact checking   with numerous health experts confirmed that these recommended levels were complete bunk.   In fact my HDL or good cholesterol was so high that my doctor was quite happy with my overall results   .

In short I want to reassure you that you needn’t be worried about total cholesterol as a cause for heart   disease and instead focus on getting the right amounts of high quality cholesterols while fighting the   real causes of heart disease inflammation and junky foods.   Fortunately armed with the information from our earlier lecture on diet you’re ready to do just that   .

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